From Our Minister

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Dear friends,
The theologian Malcolm Guite in his sonnets for ‘remembrance Sunday’ opens with this line: ‘November pierces with its bleak remembrance . . .’ So November is the month of remembering. Why November has come to stand for remembering is not clear; we think of remembrance Sunday when we pause to remember our fallen soldiers and their sacrifice for us not only in the two World Wars but also the ongoing commitments of our soldiers and Arm Forces today. But in a sense Remembrance Sunday in November is quite recent coming at the back of the two Wars.
It maybe that perhaps the reason why November is a particular month for remembering is down to the Church’s long held tradition of ‘All Soul’s Day’ (not to be confused with ‘All Saints’ Day!) which takes place on 2nd November every year. All Soul’s Day is about remembering and saying prayers for departed friends and families. The practice has long history (and some trace it origin to Jewish religion, although other cultures have also long practiced this) and Catholics have long celebrated All Soul’s Day. Because of its early association with purgatory, Protestants pretty much stayed clear from it. However, since the nineteenth the practice of remembering and praying for the departed has become a common practice in all church traditions.
The annual service of remembering and thanksgiving flows out of ‘All Souls’ Day. This is now an important aspect of the Church’s ministry and mission of remembrance for the families of those who have died during the year. A service of remembering and thanksgiving provides the church an opportunity to reconnect, journey alongside grieving families, help them remember rightly, provide pastoral care and show genuine solidarity. This means that service of remembering and thanksgiving is not only for the families of the departed, but for all of us as a church community to remember together and share support and healing!
Jesus said that the church should be a remembering community that remembers his death and rising. So let’s us remember together this November with others.
Yours in Christ,