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Tribute to Liz Dodoo

From Roger Sexton

(Senior Steward, Mapperley Methodist Church- Nottingham)


I will begin by reading a passage from an article which Liz wrote just over a year ago for our church magazine, ‘The Mapperley Topper’.


‘I was a teenager when I joined a Methodist Church choir in Ghana.    I was initially attracted to the choir robes and loved the hymns.

‘Increasingly I got very involved and played several roles during special services. On my way to choir practices in the evenings I walked through a dark and quiet road, encouraging myself by singing a song  which translates ‘Don’t be afraid, I am with you. Be courageous because you are walking with the Lord.’ I would hear that something horrible had happened on that same route a few hours before or after I had passed there. This gave me confidence that the Lord did walk with me. I did not realise then that this was preparing me for the future, as this assurance has shaped my life, to date, that I am never alone.’

When she came to Britain, she first lived in London.  There she joined a Pentecostalist Church founded in the 1980’s.  When she moved to Nottingham [which I think was in the late 1990s] she continued in the Pentecostalist Tradition.   She writes:


‘When I moved to Nottingham I continued to worship in a Pentecostal Church. One day I attended a funeral service at Mapperley Methodist Church. I don’t know why but felt that this was where I wanted to worship. It was like going where it had all begun.’


That funeral was in the Autumn of 2000 and was for a fellow-Ghanaian.  It is clear to me from conversations which I had with Liz that she liked the attractive traditional interior of our church.  But much more importantly she was struck by the warmth of the fellowship.  In a very literal sense, Mapperley became her spiritual home.   This was despite the fact that Liz then lived over two miles from the church!   When she retired she moved to Strelley, five miles away!  But she remained a faithful member and servant of our church.

In her first few years at Mapperley, Liz was content to be just an ordinary worshiping member of the church.   However, when a new minister (the late Rev Norman Wakeling) arrived in 2005, Norman realised that the church was short on leadership, so he set about recruiting new stewards.   He got two new stewards, first me and then later Liz.

Liz really threw her life and Christ-inspired enthusiasm into our church and into the Nottingham East Circuit.    As well as being a steward organising worship, she trained as a worship leader.  Visiting preachers regularly used her services.  But she worked particularly well with Rev Jeongsook Kim, our minister from 2009-2016.  Sadly, Liz had only a limited opportunity to work with her successor, the Rev Moses Agyam.

She did a lot of work for the Nottingham branch of the Ghanaian Methodist Fellowship, which meets every month at Sherwood Methodist Church   A total of three special services at Mapperley in which the London Ghanaian choir participated presented us with organisational problems.  But the spiritual uplift which we all got from these services was worth all the effort.

She also did a lot of work for Methodist Homes for the Aged (‘MHA’), acting as the Nottingham East circuit representative.   She was exceptionally well-suited to this job, as professionally she had run care homes.  (Her work in that field led to an invitation to attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace!)

Reverting to the Mapperley church, I have to confess that a few years ago we went through a difficult period.   This led to my appointment as senior steward, something I had not expected until about two hours before it happened.  I needed all the moral and above all spiritual support I could get.  I got an enormous amount of support from Liz.

Speaking now very personally Liz became almost a second mother to me.   I am a single man who lives alone, nowadays in a medium-size flat in the centre of Nottingham.   She kept a mother-like eye on me; only last autumn she and a friend gave my flat a very thorough Spring Clean.

Four years ago I was very unexpectedly hospitalised for a week.  I gave her the key to my flat so that she could retrieve necessities like my electric razor and other domestic items.  While she was there a non-church friend John rang up.  John thought he had got a wrong number when an African female voice answered the phone!  Liz quickly explained the situation, and John was quick to pay me a visit.

In conclusion, we at Mapperley have lost a sister in Christ who made an enormous contribution to both our earthly and spiritual lives.  Liz writes:

I took a course in worship leading so I could continue with what I was used to, praying with and for other people. Jesus Christ once said ”The wind blows wherever it wishes.” (John3;8) I know how far I have come; where He leads me, there I will follow.

There is great sadness at Liz’s absence from our physical lives.  But we are joyful that she is now safe in the hands of God.

Mark Hollands,the father of Bryony Hollands, the student who died so sadly nearly eighteen months ago on Woodthorpe Drive, makes the following request

‘The government has announced a public consultation on “Driving offences and penalties .relating to causing death or serious injury”. The consultation can be found here: and closes on 1st Feb 2017. The wording of the consultation suggests that the government are minded to increase sentencing but are considering views from members of the public, so the more support we get the more likely it is that this will happen. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete by just clicking on the relevant answers and then adding as much additional text as you wish.
We would appreciate support from those who think that current laws should be strengthened. Many thanks

Mark and family.



Roger writes (9thJan)”When I arrived at two for Monday Fellowship, I spotted a wheelchair dumped on our otherwise empty car park.  On examination the chair looks perfectly sound, and I therefore took it inside and I have left at the back alongside our existing chair.”

Can we say ‘thank you’ to our anonymous’donor.’ It’s amazing how help can come from the most unexpected sources! ( or if it belongs to someone in the neighbourhood please let us know!)

We are in the process of updating our church website at the present time.Be patient with us! (D.M.-site moderator.)





Preparing to Celebrate the Birth of Christ

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful new year! This photo is of some of the people who attended the evening service on the last Sunday before Christmas (fourth Sunday of Advent).

For Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

Thanks be to God

Harvest Festival


Loving Memories of Pauline Monkton

A memorial service to celebrate the life of our dear sister in Christ, Pauline Monkton, was held at our church on 15 April 2014. Pauline passed away on 5 April 2014, and is sorely missed by all who knew her. Further details can be found here. Our thoughts and prayers are with Pauline’s family and friends.

We’ve Got Rhythm!

The Nottinghamshire Police Band treated us to a delightful and varied program of popular and semi-classical music under the baton of bandmaster Gary Glover. Our thanks to the band for sharing their talents with us, and to all who helped with promotions and refreshments!

Valentine’s Extravaganza

Members of our church and community enjoyed celebrating Valentine’s Day together with a delicious buffet supper and games. Thanks to all who helped organize such a fun evening!

Loving Memories of Margaret Henman

Our dear sister in Christ Margaret Henman went to be with her Lord and Saviour on 19 January 2014. A service to pray for her soul and give thanks for her life was held at our church on 4 February 2014.  (The tribute given at the service can be read here.)

Our thoughts and prayers are with Margaret’s family and friends.

A Feast Fit for At Least Three Kings!

We were treated to a magnificent meal at our annual Christmas Lunch on Sunday 15 December. From turkey to potatoes, cranberry sauce to gravy, flavoursome veggies to vegetarian sausages (for those so inclined), and mince pies to After Eights, the volunteer chefs and servers did a fantastic job. Heartfelt thanks to everyone for all their hard work! It was a real blessing to be able to celebrate Christmas together with friends old and new, from both the church and the wider community.

Cooking with Solar Energy

Ken Fiati

[Ed: During the past view months we were joined by Ken Fiati, a student who is working on using solar power as an alternative power source for cooking in Africa, and Ghana in particular.  He has now completed his MA in Smart Design at Nottingham Trent University and has provided the following summary of his research.]

According to World Health Organization (fact sheet No. 292, June 2005), 1.6 million children die needlessly as a result of indoor air pollution generated from cooking and heating on open fires or stoves without installed chimneys.

About half of the world’s population rely on wood, crop waste or coal as the primary power source. One-third of the world’s population (UN statistics) either suffer wood shortages or have to walk long distances to find fuel-wood for the family. With much of the family’s income being spent on fuel-wood, they must decide whether to use their money for heating or for food.  This causes malnutrition and associated health problems (stunted growth in infants).

More generally, using wood for heating and cooking causes deforestation, resulting in energy poverty, climate change as well as floods and soil erosion. Burning fuels such as gas and wood contributes to air pollution and climate change.

The dissertation for my MA project relates to using active solar energy to deal with the major challenge that confronts Ghana, Africa.  It is becoming clear that the environmental effects from the use of fuel wood as the energy source for many families in Ghana and other developing countries is contributing significantly to the destruction of the environment and is impacting on human-health. Consequently, a solar device to limit this destruction was proposed, designed and constructed though a prototype.  We hope that the device help the vulnerable in African society as they raise families.

An Evening with Antiques Expert Charles Hanson

Tales of his career and salesroom experiences, valuations and typically light-hearted banter with the audience were the highlights of our evening with noted auctioneer and antiques expert Charles Hanson. His bubbly personality and lively manner of storytelling of his time on television and in the salesroom made for a most entertaining evening and it was lovely to welcome both Charles and a large number of antiques enthusiasts and collectors to our premises.

A gifted raconteur, Charles told tales of boyhood memories which, contrary to family expectations, pointed him towards antiques. He had his audience laughing when he told of the time he sold Nelson’s letters and John Lennon memorabilia plus the widely publicized sale of Queen Victoria’s bloomers, a story that even attracted the attention of the tabloids! Charles continued with an estimation of his career in antiques and connection with BBC programmes such as Bargain Hunt, Flog IT and Antiques Roadtrip and told of his friendships in the trade with such as programme presenter Tim Wonnacott and fellow experts like Charlie Ross.

After a brief interval for refreshments, it was on with the valuation of items brought by the audience, including Belgian and Moorcroft pottery, Francis’s sampler from the last century but one, more ceramics and Gordon’s ancient telephone which, apparently, dates from the 1880’s and is now more treasured thanks to an expert’s valuation.

A New Church Logo!

A new logo was approved by the congregation on 27 August 2013. The logo was designed by Doug Driediger of Metrographics in Canada (thanks, Doug), and our very own William Murphy. The logo will help link together the church’s various projects and publications.

When designing the logo, Doug and William were keen to make the logo distinctive, memorable, and representative of the church community.

The graphical component is a sun, in which the sun’s rays and disc represent the two ‘Ms’ and the ‘C’ in our name. The hill gives a suggestion of the church’s location on the hill of Mapperley Top.

The sun was chosen to represent continuity, because the same sun has shone on humanity since the beginning; and also to represent renewal, as each sun-rise brings fresh hope for each new day. The sun also brings warmth, light, and life, just as our aim is to bring the warmth of support and encouragement, the light of an understanding of God, and the life of faith in him to those around us.

We hope you like it!

New Venture– So Run MMC Running Club!

In 2013 we had a church running club! The ‘So Run’ MMC Running Club met on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month, welcoming adults of all abilities. Great fun was had by all. If you are interested in helping to ‘run’ this club in future (– is it ever possible to outrun bad puns? – Ed.), please speak to one of the church stewards.


Celebrating 50 Years as a Local Preacher

Our own Francis Henman was honoured for his 50 years of faithful service as a Local Preacher on 30 June, at a combined service of all the churches in our ‘Nottingham East’ Circuit. Congratulations again to Francis, and many thanks for all that he has done, and continues to do, for our churches!


Beauvale Priory Service

We were fortunate to be able to hold our evening service on 4th August at Beauvale Priory.  Beauvale Priory was, from 1343-1539, home to a group of Carthusian monks.  The Carthusians, appropriately known as ‘Christ’s poor men’, lived a life of  poverty and seclusion, dedicating themselves to prayer.  It is a wonderful place therefore for us to come and, like the monks before us, rededicate ourselves to prayer; and to consider the blessings that God has provided in the community of the church.

We began with lavish cream tea in what was the gatehouse to the grounds of the secluded order.  After having exhausted either ourselves or the scones, we were led in worship by our minister, Jeongsook.  We were happy to be joined by some members of St. John’s, reminding us that not only does Christ’s kingdom extend through the years from long ago, but it extends across Nottingham and the world.

After the service, we had a tour of the remains of the priory (a scheduled ancient monument).  The remains tell both of the lives of the monks, and of the sudden end of the priory with Henry VIII’s reformation.  The English Reformation also cost the lives of two of the priors, Robert Lawrence and John Houghton, who refused to recognize the King as head of the church and as a result were hung drawn and quartered.  It’s a moving place, and well worth spending some time there.

For more pictures, see our facebook page.

The Harlem Shake!  

We were thrilled to help with the Harlem Shake for Cancer Research UK organized by Simply Dance Nottingham at our church on 20 July 2013.

With face painting, nail painting, a stall of deliciously-tempting cakes, a raffle, and abundant supplies of tea, coffee, and biscuits, a good time was had by all in the lead-up to the Shake itself.

Then it was time to get our dance moves out! Here is the result:

In total, the event raised £210 for charity, as well as brightening the weekend for many in our church and neighbourhood. Congratulations to Charlotte Stripling and her team at Simply Dance Nottingham, and thanks to all who helped out and participated on the day!



NEW VENTURE – Charity Shop Coffee Time!

This is a new venture in co-operation with the RAOB Charity Shop (about five doors away from our church). Many people visit this shop for all kinds of bargains, and you’d be very welcome to come in and have coffee and a chat with us, and if you wish share with us any special interests or concerns.


This is on Tuesday mornings from 10.00 till 12.00 just inside the door of the shop. We’d love to see you there!

Other Sources of Information

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The Church Notices (available in church each week) also give a great deal of weekly information.