Prayer Ministry

Prayer corner

We believe that prayer has a very important part to play in the lives of all of us, and that prayer changes things.

In the Church

Although it is not possible to open our church all the time, we invite people who use our premises regularly to make use of our church for private prayer and meditation. While you are in church please feel free to light the candle during your prayer time here.

There will also be someone available to pray with you after each Sunday morning service (see here for service times).  Please just make your way after the morning service to the Prayer Corner at the front right-hand side of the church.

Prayer Requests

We are happy to pray for you and have a dedicated team of Prayer Chaplains who ensure that your request for prayer is dealt with promptly and confidentially.  We can deal with all sorts of prayer requests, including prayer requests for someone who is ill; about stress at work or school; or to thank God for something.

If you are at the Church please put prayer requests in the Prayer Request Box (which is confidential) or in the Prayer Book.  You can also email us your prayer requests using the following email address:

mapperleymethodistchurch ‘at’

A group of mothers meet every last Thursday in the month to pray particularly for our children and grandchildren. We would be pleased to pray for your child as well if you would like us to do so. You could put your request in one of the church prayer boxes or you could e-mail your request to

Through various requests, the fellowship of the Church at Mapperley and the chaplaincy team probably remembers several scores of people during a week in our prayers.

All requests are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

A Police prayer.(prepared for a recent service for the Christian Police Association.)

Almighty God, bless we pray for all officers and staff of Nottinghamshire   Police, and all constabularies throughout the land* , that they may honour their calling and serve those around them-   upholding human rights and according equal respect to all.

Inspire them to serve with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality worthy of their calling; that their actions might always be just, their motives honest and tempered with compassion, and that they may walk humbly in their task.

Give them strength and wisdom to protect the weak and vulnerable, and champion the cause of the innocent; protect them from harm, and in your mercy let peace reign in our county and country.

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


*And all members of the Christian Police Association.